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Tidwell Masonry is the best rated brick Masonry Contrator in San Diego

Tidwell Masonry installed the bricks on these columns at this Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch home. The bricks that our client chose are from the Belden Belcrest collection. These bricks best resemble a brick made from a sand mold. It resembles most bricks that were used in Historical homes. It is the brick that our clients chose the most. These bricks were purchased from Thompson Building Supply. You can find the brick of your choice from their extensive brick selection HERE 

Tidwell Masonry laid these bricks on the front porch of the Historical, 130 year old, Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church in Coronado. These bricks are made by Belden and are the Belcrest 700. This is the "classic" red brick. We used a mortar color that best resembles Lime mortar that would of been used when the church was built. Tidwell Masonry focuses on Historical restoration projects in San Diego. You can learn more about the history of the Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church in Coronado HERE

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